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dilution magnetic-probe buckyball magic-sand ferrofluid antifog playdecide hydrophobic-textile nanometer memory-metal Welcome to the nano kit. This kit will introduce you to the world of nanotechnologies and nanosciences through entertaining and interactive activities. Research at the nanoscale has widely contributed in recent times to significant advancements in science. The applications of the results of this research is revolutionising our society in many fields such as medicine, computer sciences, materials science, energy production and manufacturing. However, these advances are generally not well known to the general public as they can be invisible or difficult to understand because of the small dimension of the nanoscale and of the complexity of such phenomena.

This kit is based on the inquiry-based learning approach, specifically developed in science centres and science museums, and is constituted of hands-on and interactive activities in which the public is not passive but can understand through experimenting things. It will be distributed in the Science Centres where it can be used as a support for the Nano-Days and increase the involvement of young people in the Nano Conetst.

The nano kit includes several hands-on activities that will introduce nanotechnologies and potential applications. These activities are:

PlayDecide for Time for Nano - senior

This card board game is a variant of the game ‘Decide’ (www.playdecide.com). This version was made especially for the Time for Nano kit. ‘Decide’ is a discussion game intended for young people in which the ethical and social issues arising from nanotechnologies are discussed. It works best when played by 4 to 8 people and it takes about an hour and a half to play.

pic1 pic2

PlayDecide for Time for Nano –junior

For the younger users, you will find on the back of the cards pictures that can be used to tell a story where nanotechnologies are involved. The players are free to choose as many cards as they wish and put them in a line so as to tell a story, like in a comic book.
They can tell their story to their friends or write it down. Why not turn it into a video for the Time for Nano web contest (www.timefornano.eu)?

Activity 1:

How tall are you in nanometres? How big is your hand in nanometres? This activity aims to help you understand how small a nanometre is.
what you can do.pdf


Activity 2:

Dilution. Here you will discover that our sense of smell allows us to experience nanometre-sized things that are too small to be seen with our eyes.
what you can do.pdf

nanokit 01

Activity 3:

Magnetic probe demonstrates the tool used by scientists to observe and work on the nano-world.
what you can do.pdf

Activity 4:

Make your own buckyball allows you to build a 3D model of a nano object, the buckyball.
what you can do.pdf

nanokit 02 nanokit 03 nan 02

Activity 5:

Ferrofluid presents a peculiar liquid that behaves like a solid when it’s under a magnetic field.
what you can do.pdf

nanokit 07 nanokit 08 nan 09

Activity 6:

Magic sand allows you to discover a curious type of sand.
what you can do.pdf

nanokit 06 nan 11 nan 12

Activity 7:

Hydrophobic textile where you will discover a fabric that repels water.
what you can do.pdf

nan 13 nan 15

Activity 8:

Anti fog will show how it is possible to avoid condensation on your swimming goggles.
what you can do.pdf

flaskica nan 06 nan 07

Activity 9:

Memory metal in which an extraordinary kind of metal with strange properties is described. 
what you can do.pdf

nanokit 04 nanokit 05

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