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Time for nano video competition


Aim of the competition

The TIME for NANO video competition aims to stimulate the curiosity and engagement of young people in Europe on benefits and risks related to nanoscale research, engineering and technology, in particular with relation to products connected to daily life.
The TIME for NANO video competition is organised in the framework of the TIME for NANO project, which also involves the production of a nano-kit including educational activities on nanotechnology and the organisation of nano-days, comprising events and debates in the participating science centres. 

Competition Regulation

1. Theme

The theme for the TIME for NANO competition is nanotechnology and its applications. Participants are invited to learn more about the basics of nanosciences and nanotechnology and reflect on the issues involved at the website www.timefornano.eu, and the entries must be built around the following main themes: 

Human enhancements

2. Who can compete ?

The competition is open to youngsters living in Europe, including Turkey, between 14 and 20 years of age.  Participation can take place either individually or in groups. In the case of groups, one participant must be designated as the contact person. 
For participants or groups of young people under 18 an adult (teacher or parent) must be designated as contact person. 

3. Countries and language

Participants living in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom will participate to the national competition pertaining to their country of residence. 
Participants living in any other European country may participate in the competition by choosing a country of reference, among those listed above.  
The languages to be used in the national competitions are the following :
Belgium : Dutch, French, English
Finland : Finnish, Swedish, English
France : French, English
Germany : German, English
Italy : Italian, English
Poland : Polish, English
Portugal : Portuguese, English
Turkey : Turkish, English
United Kingdom : English

4. What is to be produced ?

The competition is for video contributions relating to nanotechnology, either concerning the basic science and definitions or the applications and social implications of research and products. Each video must relate to at least one of the proposed themes (killer questions).
Videos can be made with any device excluding professional equipment. A mobile phone, a digital camera, or a sequence of images or slides put together to give a coherent whole are all acceptable.
The video must last a maximum of 4 minutes (there is no minimum duration).

5. How to enter ?

The young participants – either individually or in groups – must connect to the website www.youtube.com/timefornano and choose the country they wish to compete in (or go directly to vimeo.com/channels/timefornano for Turkey). Once inside the country’s specific channel, they must fill out the subscription form with all relevant information, including the contact person details.
The deadline for submission in all countries is 5pm June 30th, 2011.

6. Selection of winners

The TIME for NANO contest takes place first on a national level and then on a European level.

National level
Two videos will be awarded a prize in each country and will be able to compete for the European prize. Additional videos can be chosen on the national level for other prizes but will not be eligible to compete for the European prize.

In each country, the winners will be nominated by a jury that each museum will appoint; the jury will be formed by three or five people including the following profiles:

  • museum expert of science communication 
  • artist
  • scientist
  • teacher 

The winners will be selected according to the following criteria:
  • Scientific and educational quality of the work
  • Originality from the artistic point of view
  • Consideration of the societal implications of nanotechnology and connection with the killer question(s)
  • Clarity of the message
Producing professional quality videos will not increase the chances of being selected.

European level
Once all national winners have been chosen, the European winner will be selected among the national winners. The European jury will be formed by three to five people including the following profiles:
  • Ecsite network professional
  • museum expert of science communication from the project’s coordinator
  • artist
  • scientist
The criteria for selection will be the same as for the national prizes.

Winners will be notified by July 20th, 2011.

7. Prizes

The national winners each win €700 (or £500 in the UK) and they are suggested to buy educational materials to help further their knowledge in nanotechnology and its applications to daily life. The European winner will be awarded a further € 900 with the same objective.


The final work must be an original product not previously published before its submission to the TIME for NANO competition. It may either be created from material elements (images, texts, etc.) produced specifically for the competition, or by combining or making use of elements which already exist and which are free of copyright. In the latter case, the team supervisor must ensure that this condition is met.

By submitting a video to the competition, the participants give The TIME for NANO consortium some non-exclusive rights to use the work submitted to the competition. The consortium can for example:
  • publish the work on television, Youtube and other websites;
  • display the work publicly, also as a part of another publication;
  • create modified and combined products from the work, such as a compilation of the best works;
  • use screenshots and parts of the work in marketing the project.

These rights are required to arrange the competition.

Participants shall be entirely responsible for their works and must ensure that they own all copyrights to the work, so that the above usage rights can be given to the TIME for NANO consortium.

The participants retain most rights to their work, and they keep the copyright to the work.
Participants can:
  • relicense the work to others
  • publish the work on television, Youtube and other websites
  • display the work publicly
  • show the work on their portfolio
  • create modified and combined products from the work
  • use the work as part of future works

9. Responsibility

Organisers cannot be held responsible for the cancellation, postponement or modification of the competition due to unforeseen circumstances, nor can they be held responsible for any theft, loss, delay or damage during the competition or the events surrounding it. Furthermore, the dates mentioned for nano-days and awarding ceremonies can be changed due to organisational reasons or unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, the participants shall be advised as soon as possible by email.

10. Acceptance of the rules

Participation in the TIME for NANO competition implies full acceptance of these rules.

11. Personal data protection

The personal information provided by participants on registration for the competition will be stored in protected databases by the TIME for NANO consortium. Only the staff from the TIME for NANO consortium member organisations will have access to this database at any given time. All personal data will be used exclusively in connection with the TIME for NANO competition’s goals and will be destroyed after the end of the project.

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