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It's TIME for NANO!

The Time for Nano Project aims at engaging the general public, with a special attention to young people, on benefits and risks related to nanoscale research, engineering and technology, through specific informal education products.

Watch the winners of the video competition 2011!
Hundreds of high school students from all over Europe took part to the competition.

Science centers in Italy, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Poland and Turkey will organize “Nanodays”, events with demonstrations, experiments, games, meetings and discussions about nanotechnology. Look on their specific pages for a calendar of events and activities.

Students from high schools in these countries can participate in the Time for Nano video contest, a competition to produce the most creative, scientifically sound, though provoking video on the dilemmas posed by nanotechnology. The video contest is hosted on YouTube and Vimeo.   ..


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